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The importance of entrepreneurship

In macroeconomic perspective: It seems obvious: entrepreneurs start new businesses, creating more employment, leading to an increase competition among companies which eventually will lead to an increase in productivity through technological change. In the long run, the most important factor for economic growth is technological change (Solow, 1956). So, can we take ...

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Differences in entrepreneurship

At the moment, there is much debate about self-employed people (ZZP's in Dutch) in the Netherlands and their (special) tax benefits. In my opinion, it is important to make a distinction in several kinds of entrepreneurship and its economic influence. I think the tax benefits in the Netherlands for the so-called ZZPs (self-employed people) are too generous and do work ...

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Is Brazil still emerging or struggling?

In the last six decades (1950-2010), the Brazilian economy has grown and quadrupled its GDP per capita (GDPpc) from approximately 1,700 to 6,900 measured in International dollars (Bolt & van Zanden, 2013). All amounts that are mentioned in this blog are measured in International dollars (sometimes called Geary-Khamis dollar), except as otherwise provided. The ...

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The Rise of the US

Why did the US become the world's most powerful nation? In the last two centuries, the United States of America has become the most powerful nation in the world by making its transition from an agriculture based economy to an industrial nation. In the first part of the 19th century, the country’s GDP grew approximately 4% per year but GDP per capita just ...

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5 jaar later in Australië

Immuun voor economische teleurgang. 5 jaar geleden kwam ik voor het eerst in dit afgezonderde continent, aan de andere kant van de wereld. Een westers land dat de afgelopen decennia continu doorgroeide (zie GDP comparison, verschil in groei van BBP), een land wat buiten de 2 grote economische neerslagen bleef (2001 en 2008) en een land dat een geringe staatsschuld ...

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Important price sensitivity issues

How do I have to price my products? Take advantage of the following important price sensitivity issues which I think are important to take into consideration.

Price sensitivity deals with the consumer’s sensitivity to price changes and is important for strategic decisions. Price has a significant influence on the behavior of consumers and consequently on firm revenues and profits. In general, price sensitivity is analyzed by the slope of the demand curve or by the price elasticity of demand (Kaul & Wittink, 1995, p. 151). In my article we will use price elasticity, since it is not sensitive to the units of measurement and is often used in the field of microeconomics, and we will focus on describing the factors which influence price elasticity.

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